Saturday, February 16, 2013


Just finished this piece and I was trying to name it, and name it AND name it! First it was Orange Crush, then I wanted to refer to the one splotch of orange that looks like a coffee cup stain (or the old Lucent logo) in some kind of clever fashion. AND I love the way the colors overlay, so I was trying to find a title wispy and colorful and, and, and....the hell with it. I realized I was talking to myself SO MUCH about what to title this piece, that it now bears the name MONOLOGUE. For everything I went through mentally, and the answer was at my fingertips. This Is What Comes Out Of Me! Court Tavern Artist's Showcase is Tonight! If you're in the New Brunswick NJ area Feb 16th between 8pm and 2am, stop by: 124 Church Street! 5 Bands are playing as well, although I don't know the names offhand!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whale Outing

Of course that's what this is!!! It's a couple of whales going on a picnic! They've got the basket, the tablecloth, the plankton, and a cheerful attitude like we all should have. Sometimes not putting any black in my painting deliberately really strikes me, and this is one of those. I mean, where would I put BLACK into a whale's outing? Ahhh, NOwhere! :) This is what comes out of me! Don't forget: Court Tavern New Brunswick NJ Saturday Night Feb 16th! Be there or don't be allowed at the whale's outing!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mathematical Hunting

Mathematical Hunting 2/2013

Sometimes things just pop in my head and I attempt to illustrate them.  Usually I don't get what I imagined and the final piece is some happy medium between my imagination and what my skills will allow me to produce. For decades I made a living rendering absolutely perfect images for people, so I am loving interpreting images in a different way now. This piece is a MINI by the way, more on that later. I noticed sometimes driving around up here that when there is a dead deer on the road, it gets marked by someone - who exactly I don't know, but I've seen more than one with orange dots spray painted on it. This is my homage to the deer and my thought process about the orange dots on the deer. Maybe there's a new breed of deer born with orange spots? Maybe it's a contest with hunters to see if they can shoot the deer in a particular spot? Maybe they are tired of being brown and this is their first foray into makeover territory? Regardless, this is my interpretation of ALL of those thoughts rolled into one expression - this painting. 100% watercolor.. AND This Is What Comes Out Of Me!! This is also one of the pieces I will have with me this coming Saturday night February 16th at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. Myself and 3 other artists will be displaying/selling some of our works and there will be 5 bands playing downstairs. I will be debuting my MINIs. Tiny little pieces to brighten up a mood, room or gift, as well as my customized lightswitch plates. What a night! 124 Church Street; admission is free for the upstairs Art Event, not sure the admission charge for downstairs. Hope to see you there!