Wednesday, October 24, 2012


...Sitting On Wheat! YES! That is exactly what this looks like and it's exactly what I intended to paint when I sat down! Actually I was going for the Irish flag, and NEVER should have attempted this while driving! Sometimes my work is well thought out and really has me dive heavily into emotion - this one, not so much! Either way, it's how I roll and This IS What Comes Out Of Me!

Inchworms Sitting On Wheat    4/2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Earth, Ash and Sun

Today is such a seemingly crappy day that it's hard to imagine the sun or any bright colors in nature! But when there is a lack of things to do outside, there is an abundance of things to do paint! I have 13 paintings up at 500 Palisades Ave., in Jersey City for this week to honor the commencement of the Jersey City Is FreeForm Fest! And though this one is not included, it is TINY, probably smaller than these letters, and This IS What Comes Out Of Me.

Earth, Ash And Sun