Friday, November 27, 2015


Happy Holidays! In light of how some human beings have been acting lately, I've decided to move my work to focus on another race entirely! Yes, it's a reaction, and at least it is having me create!

As a kid I always imagined what Martians would be like. I didn't ever imagine aliens, in terms of the theories of them moving in and taking over the world, my concept was more about some interesting beings from another planet, who were happy to be there.

These are primarily pencil. You may find human qualities within them, and I assure you they are DEFINITELY MARTIANS. This is just YOU relating to them in some way. We are all Martians!

I originally put these up on INSTAGRAM, and my handle there is dianekamikaze, if you wish to follow. I find it a better outlet for art, however, these photographs were shot with my phone, which I wouldn't do to start with if I intended this post for my blog site! EITHER WAY, ENJOY!!!