Saturday, February 16, 2013


Just finished this piece and I was trying to name it, and name it AND name it! First it was Orange Crush, then I wanted to refer to the one splotch of orange that looks like a coffee cup stain (or the old Lucent logo) in some kind of clever fashion. AND I love the way the colors overlay, so I was trying to find a title wispy and colorful and, and, and....the hell with it. I realized I was talking to myself SO MUCH about what to title this piece, that it now bears the name MONOLOGUE. For everything I went through mentally, and the answer was at my fingertips. This Is What Comes Out Of Me! Court Tavern Artist's Showcase is Tonight! If you're in the New Brunswick NJ area Feb 16th between 8pm and 2am, stop by: 124 Church Street! 5 Bands are playing as well, although I don't know the names offhand!!

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