Monday, April 10, 2017

Write What You Want

For years (25 to be exact) I was a tattoo artist. It was my mode of artistic expression, and every single piece of art I did walked away. It's a funny place to be in, especially when you're young, to watch a creation you sweated about just prance out the door! But all artists learn that the lesson IS that you want someone to walk away, loving what you just did for them! Now I work in cloth, and on paper in a different capacity, and the idea IS from the start, to have people walk away with the work! The distinction I am making about the two, is this: CONNECTION. People get tattoos that they want, and tattoo artists put the client's vision into reality. A "regular" artist, or a layman artist, creates what they want and hopes someone connects with it. The experience of getting a tattoo is personal and sometimes cathartic, and there is always communication and connection present.

You can see my art at my site here: . I enjoy what I do, yet I'm faced with thinking how to create connection with people who like or purchase what I make. Since I was not shy about lettering on skin for decades without a single mistake, I have started making lyric / poem paintings. It started when David Bowie passed away, I felt there was so much that he said that I could connect to, and since he was gone, I wanted to pay homage... I'm now making lyric paintings on a full blown scale. Most of these are in a 5 x 7 frame that is 8 x 10 on the outside of the mat.

Say something, paint something all together? Maybe this is how we can connect! Here are a couple that I've enjoyed creating!
A CLASH Favorite

From The Thin White Duke

Homage to Bowie, of course!

The Damned

And lastly, another Bowie selection!

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