Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Post About Paint


Well, it's not always about paint, and today it is. In my years as an artist I have always enjoyed paint and pigment as medium. Included in this I'll say I really enjoy printmaking as well, although it has been decades since I have done any printing. I adore the flexibility (sometimes too flexible!) of paint, I love the sheerness, the layering, the thickness, the permanence, the impermanence, the fluidity - literally, and the ways I have experimented in manipulating it. Most of these works are dyes, watercolors and some crayon and colored pencil. I like how one begins and you can't tell where use of the other ends. I find myself at times using the same brushstroke over and over and over again, sitting and reinforcing the motion. For me it's the motion, not always the colors. I quite often don't use more than 3 colors, at least not for now. But the motion itself - very rigid sometimes, and then at other times super flowing and expressive - and both are expressive... This is what comes out of me.


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